Side Hustles for Construction Workers in 2023
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Top-Rated Side Hustles for Construction Workers in 2023: Exploring Profitable Side Jobs Beyond the Toolbox

In the ever-evolving field of construction, where skill, hard work, and expertise are top-notch, construction workers are increasingly looking for ways to diversify their income sources beyond the confines of the traditional toolbox. As the year 2023 approaches, side hustles have become an avenue for construction workers to explore more profitable opportunities. 

Whether it’s tapping into their craftsmanship or branching out into complementary industries, side hustles can bolster their financial stability and professional growth. In this article, we will delve into the best side hustles for construction workers, aiming to provide valuable insights for those interested in expanding their professional horizons. 

By leveraging their problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, construction workers can capitalize on their strengths while exploring ventures outside their primary jobs. With careful planning, dedication, and perseverance, construction workers can unlock new avenues of income, ensuring a more secure financial future

What Is a Side Hustle, and Why Should Construction Workers Consider It?

Understanding the Concept of a Side Hustle

A side hustle refers to an additional job or income stream that individuals engage in alongside their primary employment. It is often a passion project or a way to monetize skills and interests outside of one’s main profession. For construction workers, a side hustle provides an opportunity to leverage their construction industry experience and earn extra income.

Benefits of Having a Side Hustle for Construction Workers

There are several benefits of having a side hustle for construction workers. Firstly, it provides a way to make extra money and increase their income. This can help improve financial stability and provide a cushion during economic uncertainty. Additionally, engaging in a side hustle can enhance construction workers’ skill sets by allowing them to gain experience in different areas. It can also provide an avenue for personal and professional growth, potentially leading to new opportunities and career paths.

Tapping Into the Potential of the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers numerous opportunities for side hustles beyond traditional construction work. With the growing demand for landscaping, plumbing, and other related services, construction workers can tap into this potential and capitalize on the market demand by offering their expertise in these areas. By diversifying their skillset and providing services that align with the construction industry, construction workers can open up new avenues for income generation.

How Can Construction Workers Make Money on the Side?

Starting a General Labor Business on Weekends

Construction workers can make money by starting a general labor business on weekends. This side hustle involves offering general labor services, such as moving furniture, landscaping, or helping with minor repairs to homeowners or businesses. Construction workers can use their skills and expertise to provide valuable services and earn extra income during their free time.

Offering Specialized Services Like Concrete Work

Construction workers can also make money by offering specialized services like concrete work. Concrete work involves various tasks, including pouring, smoothing, and finishing concrete surfaces, and it is in high demand for residential and commercial projects. By showcasing their expertise in concrete work, construction workers can attract clients and secure well-paying side jobs.

Utilizing Construction Skills for Home Remodeling Projects

Another way construction workers can make money on the side is by utilizing their construction skills for home remodeling projects. Many homeowners want to renovate their homes, and construction workers can offer carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work services. By leveraging their experience in the construction industry, construction workers can find side gigs as contractors or freelance workers in the home remodeling sector.

What Are Some Lucrative Side Hustles for Construction Workers?

side hustles for construction workers

1. Home Improvement and Remodeling Services

With the rise in homeownership and an increased focus on property value enhancement, the demand for reliable and skilled construction workers to handle home improvement and remodeling projects is continuously growing. By offering services such as painting, basement finishing, flooring installation, or bathroom renovations, construction workers can utilize their expertise and tools to generate additional income. This side hustle can be highly lucrative with the increasing demand for home renovations.

Whether you’re looking to make extra cash, earn additional income, or even turn this into a full-time job, home improvement and remodeling services offer an excellent way to provide valuable experience and set your rates ranging from $40-$60 per hour. As you work on various construction projects, word of mouth and customer satisfaction can lead to a successful side hustle that boosts your income.

2. Carpentry and Woodworking

Carpentry and woodworking skills are highly sought after in the construction industry, making it one of the most lucrative side hustle options for construction workers. Utilizing your expertise in this field, you can take on projects such as building custom furniture, designing and installing storage solutions, constructing decks or outdoor structures, or even offering repair services.

In the United States, carpentry and woodworking side hustles can generate consistent income of up to $5000 monthly, depending on the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail you exert. This is not only a lucrative hustle idea but also a great way to meet new people and potentially work on projects that involve helping people move or enhance their living spaces.

3. Landscaping and Outdoor Maintenance

Leveraging your construction skills to offer landscaping and outdoor maintenance services is another excellent side hustle option for construction workers. Many homeowners and businesses require assistance maintaining their gardens, lawns, and outdoor spaces, creating a continuous demand for landscaping professionals. Typically, this side job has an average hourly pay of $16 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

Tasks like lawn mowing, planting flowers, hedge trimming, and general garden maintenance can provide a steady income stream while setting your own hours. Additionally, you can expand your services to include installing various outdoor features, such as patios, fences, and pergolas, or even designing and building custom outdoor spaces to increase your income.

4. Concrete Work and Masonry

Concrete work and masonry is a highly lucrative side hustle for construction workers due to the consistent demand for these services. Whether it’s pouring concrete for driveways and sidewalks or building retaining walls, there is always a need for skilled craftsmen in this field.

One of the primary reasons why this side hustle stands out for construction workers is that it requires specialized skills and equipment. Most homeowners or property managers lack the expertise and resources to handle concrete work and masonry on their own. Hence, they are willing to pay a premium hourly rate of up to $48 for skilled professionals to complete these projects.

Moreover, the cost of materials in concrete work and masonry is relatively low compared to the fees charged for the labor involved. This means the profit margin for construction workers engaging in this side hustle can be substantial. Additionally, as this work often requires precision and craftsmanship, those who excel in this field can charge even higher rates for their services.

5. Handyman Services

Utilizing your versatile construction skills to offer handyman services can be a versatile and profitable side hustle. Many individuals and businesses seek assistance with minor repairs and maintenance that don’t require hiring specialized contractors. This allows construction workers to excel in tasks like fixing leaky faucets, repairing drywall, installing light fixtures, and aiding in small renovation projects.

As a skilled handyman, you can cater to various job types and enjoy consistent work, often garnering recommendations from satisfied clients to their friends and acquaintances. Platforms and sites like and TaskRabbit allow you to find and connect with potential employers. It’s worth noting that according to, handymen can averagely earn around $25 per hour, making it a financially rewarding side hustle that fits your skill set.

6. Roofing and Gutter Maintenance

The demand for roofing and gutter services remains relatively consistent throughout the year, making this side hustle a stable source of income for construction workers. It is particularly lucrative as it often involves higher-value projects, such as installing or repairing roofs, which can generate significant profits of $4000-$6000 per month, considering that homeowners often neglect or lack the skills to handle them. 

Furthermore, construction workers are already skilled in working at heights and with various roofing materials, giving them a competitive advantage over other service providers. Using their existing knowledge and experience, construction workers can quickly establish themselves as reliable and trusted professionals.

7. Equipment Rental

One of the best side hustles for construction workers is to rent out their equipment when not in use. Construction machinery, such as excavators, skid steers, and dump trucks, is expensive to purchase and maintain. Many contractors and homeowners prefer to rent construction equipment short-term rather than buying it outright. 

This side hustle requires minimal effort once the equipment is ready to rent. It can become a passive income stream, especially if the owner creates a trusted network of contacts and advertises their services effectively. By renting out their equipment, construction workers can offset the costs of owning and maintaining the machinery. Engaging in this side hustle can be incredibly profitable if the construction worker owns specialized or high-demand equipment, typically going up to $47 per hour without exerting much effort.

8. Property Management and Maintenance

Property management and maintenance is an excellent side hustle for construction workers looking to diversify their income streams. This side hustle involves overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of residential or commercial properties on behalf of the landlords.

As a construction worker, leveraging your existing skills equips you for repairs, inspections, and general maintenance tasks. Doing these can help you extend property management services to landowners and secure your supplementary earnings. This side hustle tends to work best if you live in areas with active property markets, allowing you to tap into demand.

Moreover, your ability to provide feedback and address issues, particularly concerning old buildings and structures, adds a valuable edge to your services depending on the specifics of each property and the unique needs of property owners. Generally, this side hustle allows you to earn an average of $42,256 annually based on ZipRecruiter’s update as of August 2023.

9. Installing Irrigation Systems

Installing irrigation systems can be a profitable side hustle for construction workers, especially those with experience in plumbing and landscaping. As homeowners and businesses increasingly seek to conserve water and maintain healthy landscapes, the demand for irrigation systems is growing.

Construction workers can leverage their skills in laying pipes, connecting valves, and troubleshooting water flow to install efficient and automated irrigation systems. This side hustle allows one to work outdoors and collaborate with property owners, landscape architects, and gardeners to design and install custom irrigation solutions.

By offering irrigation installation services, construction workers can expand their client base, generate additional revenue, and capitalize on the growing demand for efficient water management systems. On average, this side hustle allows construction workers to earn $3600 monthly, depending on skills, expertise, or certifications.

10. Welding and Metalworking

Welding and metalworking offer lucrative and ideal side hustles for construction workers proficient in this industry. The ability to manipulate metal offers diverse prospects, including crafting bespoke metal art, fabricating decorative structures, and delivering repairs for fences, gates, and outdoor furnishings.

Construction workers who are adept in welding can cater to residential and commercial clients, providing specialized welding solutions for ventures like customized gates, security grilles, or ornamental metal installations. Moreover, they can perform on-site repairs for construction projects or even offer mobile welding services to accommodate diverse needs.

Moreover, this side gig allows construction workers to determine the hours per week they dedicate, granting them the freedom to set their rates according to the complexity of each project. More importantly, this side hustle could be the gateway to leaving a full-time job, given that welders’ average salary in the United States is $46,000 annually.

11. Roofing Repairs

Roofing repairs represent a high-demand side hustle for construction workers. As roofs age, they often require regular maintenance, repair, or replacement due to leaks, storm damage, or general wear and tear.

Construction workers with experience in roofing can take advantage of this recurring need and offer their services to homeowners and businesses. Their ability to diagnose and fix roofing issues, install new shingles, repair flashing, or address leaks allows them to tap into the profitable roofing repair market. 

On average, this side gig allows construction workers to earn $24 per hour or around $4000 monthly. By providing reliable and efficient roofing services, they can establish a reputation for quality workmanship, leading to repeat business and referrals.

12. Solar Panel Installation

The growing demand for renewable energy sources makes solar panel installation a thriving side hustle for construction workers. Their knowledge of electrical systems, roofing, and construction regulations makes them an ideal candidate for this hustle.

As a construction worker, you can offer services like site assessment, solar panel mounting, wiring, and connection to the electrical grid. This side hustle allows you to earn extra income on the side and contribute to a sustainable future. Combining your construction skills with solar expertise can help property owners reduce energy costs while contributing to a sustainable future.

Overall, these construction side hustles provide various opportunities for construction workers to utilize their skills, set their rates, and earn extra cash. Whether you’re looking to make more money, meet new people, or provide valuable expertise, these hustle ideas offer a way to diversify your income streams and take advantage of the growing demand for skilled professionals.

What Are the Essential Steps to Start a Side Hustle as a Construction Worker?

Identifying Your Niche and Target Market

The first step in starting a side hustle as a construction worker is identifying your niche and target market. Determine the specific services you want to offer, such as landscaping, demolition, or general labor, and research the demand for these services in your area. Understanding your target market will help you tailor your marketing efforts and attract clients interested in your particular offerings.

Setting up Your Side Hustle Legally and Financially

Once you have identified your niche and target market, it is important to set up your side hustle legally and financially. Register your business, obtain necessary licenses or permits, and comply with local regulations. Additionally, set up a separate bank account for your side hustle and keep accurate records of your income and expenses to manage your finances effectively.

Promoting Your Side Hustle and Attracting Clients

An essential step in successfully starting a side hustle as a construction worker is effectively promoting your services and attracting clients. Use online and offline marketing strategies to create awareness about your side hustle. Build a professional website or create profiles on relevant online platforms to showcase your services. Word-of-mouth marketing, networking within the construction industry, and leveraging social media can also attract clients and grow your side hustle.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively as a Construction Worker With a Side Hustle?

Creating a Schedule and Prioritizing Tasks

Managing time effectively is crucial for construction workers who juggle their primary job with a side hustle. Create a schedule that allows for both your construction work and side hustle, ensuring you allocate dedicated time for each. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, and identify overlapping commitments to avoid conflicts and maximize productivity.

Implementing Efficient Time Management Techniques

Implementing efficient time management techniques can also help construction workers manage their time effectively. Break down tasks into smaller, manageable segments, and utilize tools such as calendars or project management apps to track deadlines and milestones. Eliminate distractions during work hours and set specific time blocks for your side hustle to maintain focus and productivity.

Delegating Responsibilities and Seeking Support

As a construction worker with a side hustle, it is important to recognize when you may need to delegate responsibilities or seek support. Consider hiring assistants, subcontractors, or virtual assistants to help with administrative tasks or project management. Moreover, seek support from family and friends who can assist with your side hustle or provide advice and guidance. By delegating responsibilities and seeking support, you can alleviate some of the workload and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some important skills construction workers should have for their side hustles?

A: Important skills for construction workers to have for their side hustles include customer service, communication, and project management skills. These skills will help them deliver quality service and ensure customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive referrals.

Q: How can construction workers tap into demolition as a profitable side hustle beyond their regular toolbox jobs?

A: Construction workers with expertise in demolition can offer their services to homeowners, businesses, or construction companies that require demolition work. This can include tasks such as knocking down walls, removing old structures, or clearing out spaces. By leveraging their skills and experience in demolition, construction workers can generate extra income by taking on demolition projects as a side hustle.

Q: How can construction workers creatively leverage their expertise to develop profitable side jobs and generate extra money?

A: Construction workers have unique skills that can be utilized for various side jobs. They can offer services such as home remodeling, carpentry, or even building custom furniture. By thinking outside the box and utilizing their construction expertise, they can develop profitable side jobs that cater to the needs of homeowners or businesses.

Q: When considering options like landscape and general labor for side hustles, what factors should construction workers weigh before making a choice?

A: Construction workers should consider factors such as their skillset, available time, and potential demand for certain types of side hustles. For example, if a construction worker has experience in landscaping, they may choose to offer services such as lawn maintenance or garden design. Evaluating these factors will help them identify the most suitable and profitable side hustle options.

Q: How can starting a side hustle complement a construction worker’s income and open new avenues for financial growth?

A: Starting a side hustle allows construction workers to diversify their income streams and potentially earn more money. It can also open up new opportunities for career growth and expansion. By offering additional services or exploring different aspects of the construction industry, a construction worker can expand their skill set and establish themselves as a multi-talented professional.


In conclusion, for construction workers looking for ways to earn extra income, a side hustle can help them achieve their financial goals. The construction industry offers many opportunities for individuals to explore profitable side jobs beyond the toolbox.

By diversifying their income streams, construction workers can mitigate the risks associated with the cyclical nature of their primary employment. They can earn extra income through side jobs such as concrete work and masonry, home remodeling, and real estate investing to earn passive income by renting out properties they own or manage.

Overall, with the variety of side hustles available within the construction industry, construction workers can easily find a way to supplement their primary income and improve their financial situation. 

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